Armémuseum – The Swedish Army Museum
Corporate identity design
The National Swedish Museum of Military History is in charge of both The Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm as well as the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping. The mission was to develop new visual identities for the authority, and both museums. The websites were produced in cooperation with Mogul. The design was developed together with Jonas WE Andersson.
2006 marked the final year that visitors to Swedish museums were granted free of charge access to public museums, among them the Army Museum. That year, we launched their new graphic profile. With a more focused manner of communicating as well as new and exciting themes, the Army Museum has managed to capture the interest of the audience and is now among the few institutions that have managed to increase the number of visitors since.
Svenska Dagbladet, 090713:
“So far, during 2009, the Army Museum is the only one among the museums of Stockholm that have managed to attract more visitors than during the corresponding period in 2006, in spite of the fact that they are now charging a full fee for all adult visitors.”