”Working with Helena is fun. She is also proactive, meticulous, creative and ambitious. Helena always delivers on time and as agreed, usually exceeding expectations.”
Peter Benson, Editor in Chief, Affärsvärlden
“We got a new visual identity for Armémuseum. I am very pleased with the result. 10 out of 10.”
Staffan Forssell, Museichef, Armémuseum
”Helena has designed a new visual identity for Huddinge Centrum. From the very beginning she captured the essential spirit of Huddinge Centrum and the defining characteristics of what the brand platform had to convey. She is efficient, customer oriented and finds unexpected solutions. She’s accommodating, a good listener and also able to maintain a common thread in everything she does. We’ve enjoyed a fine cooperation over a longer period of time.”
Christina Hansson, Business Area Manager, Centrum, at Huge Fastigheter
”Look at our website and you will see how good our new visual identity is. We like it very much.”
Tomas Billing, President, Nordstjernan
“It’s a pleasure to work with people that are both professional and radiate such human warmth.”
Thomas Walden, Marknadschef, Henry Ståhl Fastigheter
“They succeeded with the difficult task in creating an easy going, overall, design that both captures the essence of the main channel trademark but is at the same time in keeping with our individual programs and their particular brands.”
Jesper Weissglas, Chef Nya Medier, Kanal 5
”I have worked with Helena on several occasions during my time at Intelliplan. Regardless of project size Helena always delivers great stuff on time.”
Jonas Nilsson, Experience Designer, Intelliplan
”We’re delighted with our new corporate identity design featuring a logo that conveys professionalism while also managing to express our innovation by capturing unexpected details. That’s precisely the way we wish to be perceived.”
Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, CEO, Architect MSA/SAR, DESA, Belatchew Arkitekter
”Able delivery. Thinks on her own and asks relevant questions instead of ”simply” producing, which is a great asset.”
Krister Insulander, Owner, Publik