Knäppingsborg, Henry Ståhl fastigheter
Corporate identity design
Knäppingsborg is an old industrial area in the Swedish town of Norrköping. It has been converted to residences, shops, restaurants and cafés. The mission was to develop a brand identity design rooted in the cultural and industrial history of the area, but with a firm eye on the future. The brand identity aims to promote the experience of Knäppingsborg as a whole as well as a unique oasis in the City of Norrköping.
Knäppingsborg is designed to reflect the spirit of small-scale craftsmanship and a trading area where people of all ages can meet, shop, work and live. The project was developed in close cooperation with the resident architect at Centrumutveckling. The design was developed together with Jonas WE Andersson.
Henry Ståhl Fastigheter received Östergötlands Arkitekturpris (Östergötland’s Architecture Awards) for the renewal of Knäppingsborg “for the contribution to the creation of an attractive commercial environment.”